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Horizonsv2 (1)

Horizons: A collection of science fiction short stories
This collection of short stories features mainstays of the genre, such as humanity’s first contact with aliens, scenarios for the rise of strong artificial intelligence, and the implications of radical life extension. But it also breaks new ground with a tale about nanobots and the structure of the universe, a humorous take on the struggles of human-alien dating, and a well-thought-out exploration of a not-too-distant world where autonomous cars rule the road. This anthology offers something for fans of all types of science fiction: from horrifying to humorous, and from whimsical space opera to gritty, hard science fiction. Read it here.
(Contains all of the stories below plus previously unpublished Projection and an offer for a free copy of Dead Dinosaurs, which isn’t available anywhere else.)


Beyond the Pillars
No one wants to deliver bad news to their boss – especially when that boss leads the world’s largest religion and the information threatens to shake the faith of billions. Read it here.


The Berskerker Scenario
What do you do when a military-strength android wanders out of his testing lab while you’re out to lunch? You go look for him. Quickly. And pray that he doesn’t reach any disastrous conclusions about the value of human life before you can track him down.Read it here.


Lane Splitting
When autonomous cars rule the streets, illegal motorcycle couriers like Tyler make a living by zipping around the slower-moving crowd. But the job has its hazards. One day Tyler is assigned to deliver a mysterious package that leads him into a world of danger and unimaginable strangeness. Read it here.

The Last Rose of Summer
Hattie Helford is a world-class violinist, but her career is thrown into jeopardy when she suffers a paralyzing stroke. Desperate to return to the stage, she undergoes an experimental surgery that unleashes a swarm of nanobots inside her brain. What will she do when the treatment starts to change her in strange ways that she hadn’t bargained for? Read it here.


Splunking on Kepler 42
For Cal, dating is hard. But it’s even harder when the woman he longs for in is a member of a beautiful alien race known as the Moirana. Can this clumsy mechanic overcome his lack of confidence to win over the intelligent and ethereal Orynna? And can his newfound courage help him save Kepler Station 42 from a band of intergalactic marauders? Read it here.